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What takes so long?

The Clock is ticking
The Clock is ticking
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Three years went by between releases from my musical collaboration known as drunkdude69 (2012’s “Get Up“, followed by 2015’s “The Pint of No Return“).

The intention with DD69 had been to release an album every year on June 9th, and initially it seemed like we were on track to continue on that schedule in the months after the release of “Get Up”. We had our weekly studio night in which we would work up new riffage, chip away at works in progress, and generally enjoy music making. We nailed down some new material with record-breaking speed and I thought, “If we keep this up we’ll have another record ready in six months!”

Life can throw curves though, and that’s what happened next. Each of us experienced significant changes in our paths over the last couple years. Studio night, by necessity, had to be put aside for serious concerns.

I started work on my first batch of “solo” songs and went into the studio in July 2013 with talented drummer Steve Renko to lay those tracks down. As time permitted I tracked the remaining instruments myself, acquiring a Lakland bass from my friend Jeff Beam to round out the necessary instruments at my disposal. I discovered that my friends who are pro bass players really make it look easy!

Meanwhile, days went by. Living people passed away, new babies were born. Seasons changed, pages turned.

So there they were, songs that had been started and then left sitting around for years waiting for some magical moment when everyone could direct their energy at the same place and the same time. Earlier this year I decided that kind of group focus wasn’t in the cards, so instead of waiting for another year (or two or three) I was going to finish these projects.

Once I had set my mind to it and established a deadline (June 9,2015 for the DD69 release), I somehow made it happen: I sat down and hammered out parts that were missing, regardless of instrument; I did editing to create tracks and parts out of our studio night jam sessions; I mixed the tracks for weeks; I put together the design for the finished product. After all the time languishing, the final product came together in the space of weeks.

So it looks like the bulk of the time it took was spent waiting for all the stars to align. But sometimes that just doesn’t happen and you have to mash the celestial gears yourself to make everything move.

My friends and I have learned in the last few years that none of us are entitled to “enough”, whether that means time or resources or chances. I believe, though, that we all have it in us to forge ahead and accomplish what we dream if we make our best efforts every single day.

There may be some desperation fueling that on my part, fear that my time will run out before I finish the art I’m working on. I’m okay with that. It keeps me moving forward.

And yes, my “solo” album still isn’t done. Soon, though. And there’s a story behind that whole thing as well, for another time – if I have “enough” time to tell it.