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Discography Section: Albums

I Need A Change (Thomas Reed Smith)

I produced and performed on Tom’s first record, and handled session engineering for much of the tracking. Info (from the album page at Bandcamp) The debut album from singer-songwriter Thomas Reed Smith Credits: Tom Smith: Acoustic guitar, Vocals Mike Adams: Bass, vocals Maurice Adams: Guitars Scott Haumesser: Drums, percussion Mike Holloran: Percussion Scott Martin: Guitars, […]

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Who Are the Foonspeeders? (Foonspeeders)

I wrote, performed, engineered and mixed on this project, along with my fellow Foonspeeders. We all contributed to the production of this, our first full-length release. Info Taken from the album page at Bandcamp Recorded in 1997, the debut Foonspeeders album mixes acoustic and electric rock with stacked vocal harmonies. Stylistic influences from rock, rockabilly, […]

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The Aroara Compilation (Foonspeeders)

This was the first release that Foonspeeders was involved in, contributing our song “Big Sky”. We were one of several northeast Ohio groups included on this compilation, which was designed to showcase the breadth of original music in the region. This was also our first foray into studio recording – until this project we had […]

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