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Out with the old?

Crate O CDs
Take my first band's album... please!

I’ve been trying to clean up the studio (you know, to make room for new gear, heh heh). In the process I’ve come across a couple boxes of unsold Foonspeeders and drunkdude69 CDs.

Foonspeeders was a band that Mike, his brother Maury, our friend Scott Haumesser and I were in in the mid-to-late 1990s here in Cleveland. We released our first record “Who Are the Foonspeeders?” near the end of 1998, and we played pretty regularly around town. We had a good time, but didn’t really sell many of the 1,000 CDs we had manufactured. Even after ruefully throwing away a number of boxes of CDs, I still have a couple dozen lurking around.

DD69 is a band that Mike and I started after we moved on from the Foonspeeder days. When we finally finished our first DD69 record in 2008 we had CDs manufactured, but this time we only ordered 300. After all, times have changed – do people even buy music anymore, let alone buy CDs? We’ve done a little better moving the DD69 music, but I still have a stack of the “Funk Out With Your Junk Out” CDs here.

I keepĀ  looking for opportunities that seem like a good stylistic matches for any of the music that I’ve been involved with. One of these days I’ll get a song placed somewhere that generates some interest from a wider audience. And maybe then I can finally make some more room on this shelf.