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Music Monday: Kung Fu

Kung Fu - Tsar BombaLately I’m listening to the funky fusion stylings of Kung Fu from New Haven, Connecticut. They have been in heavy rotation on the drive to recent gigs, and while it’s good driving music it has demanded a little more attention when I’m not on the road.

The album I’ve been listening to in particular is their 2014 release Tsar Bomba. The tracks vary between instrumentals and songs with a vocalist, and the song structures are anything but typical. The performances are exceptional as they careen from high energy funk through R&B shuffle grooves to what occasionally sounds like Zappa riffing.

I love it.

Instrumentally they’ve got all the things I get into: a kickin’ horn section, synthy bass sounds, tight drums, wah guitar and Hammond organ. All of it impeccably performed with thoroughly interesting arrangements that keep me interested throughout 6- and 7-minute tunes.

Oh, and their bio picture at bandcamp is fantastic.

You can find them at bandcamp.