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Mayday is Foray day

SM and Ray

Oh man, it has been a long time coming. But today is finally the day that I can call my album Foray finished.

I’ve got CDs in hand (and online at CD Baby). Songs are online at Bandcamp. It’s almost unbelievable given the genesis of the songs and the time spent working (or not working) on them.

You can find out more about the album here. The short story is that my friend Ray, who was really enthusiastic about these songs, passed away before I was able to finish the album. I miss him dearly, and am donating 1/3 of any earnings from this album to the Diabetes Association in his memory.

The whole album – from the title to the front cover (Ray jamming on a bass in my basement studio) to the Chucks (an integral part of Ray’s wardrobe) – is a tribute to his passion for music and his unwavering, brotherly, and occasionally pain-in-the-ass friendship.

Hopefully I’ll be more attentive here on my slightly refreshed website and share more about the songs and other entertaining Rayray anecdotes. Please stay tuned.