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I need a remix

Every once in a while I find something I thought was lost for good. It usually makes me feel overwhelmingly happy – like I proved to myself that whatever it was really did exist and wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

Yesterday, while looking for audio tracks to a song I want to remix, I ran across a gem I had occasionally thought about but had relegated to the eternal recycling bin of life.  I found a 10-year-old CD that was cryptically labeled, and it had 6 CD audio tracks on it.

This was about the time that I first used Acid, man.  No, not that acid, I mean the once-revolutionary audio looping software. The first five tracks were garden-variety loop ideas, some of which turned into drunkdude69 songs.  The sixth track, however, was the special surprise I wasn’t expecting.

We had recently finished Tom Smith’s album I Need A Change, and I was apparently going no holds barred on loops.  I strung together a partial remix of the title song from Tom’s album as an experiment.

Years went by, computer drives were swapped and changed, and the track disappeared as far as I knew.  Until I found track six on that CD.  It sounds as wacky as I remember: dance loops under country guitar loops mixed with rock elements – all grafted onto Tom’s song.  Of course the original is far better, but this was a great reminder of having fun with music.