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Drum Machine Patterns

Drum machine sticker

While working on some tracking for a new song, I ran across this site: Drum Machine Pattern

Although some of the drummers I know are not really enamored of drum machines, I like them.  One of my first pieces of Pro Gear was an Alesis HR-16 drum machine, and I used it so much that I wore out the copper on the circuit boards under the trigger pads! I still have it – I just have to trigger it via MIDI if I want to use it.

I also use the virtual instruments Boom! and BFD for song parts and/or writing. And There’s also the Funkbox app on my iPad which I’ve mentioned before. Just for fun, I found the program for “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and programmed it into the Funkbox CR-78.  I threw some Echoboy 30ips tape delay on it, and it sounds pretty cool:

      In the Air Tonight Funkbox Loop -