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Does This Hold Up?


Via a friend on Twitter I found out that the guys over at Does This Hold Up? were looking for a theme song for their podcast. I got in touch, and they explained that they do an entertaining look at old movies, with guest comedians joining regular hosts Jamie and TJ. It sounded like fun, so I offered to put a 30-40 second theme together.

The DTHU guys said they like hip hop, so I started with that in mind. Ultimately I wound up leaning more into old funk territory, which is apparently how I roll. I was fortunate to collaborate on the theme lyrics with Skinny Moo frontman Jay Goodman, who is a frequent guest on drunkdude69 albums, and who I perform with regularly.

Without further ado, here’s the final result:

      The F*cking Does This Hold Up Theme - Scott Martin / Jay Goodman