Music by Scott Martin

This Old World (Thomas Reed Smith)

What started as some solo demos that Tom recorded one day here at Snoozeking wound up becoming the basis for this album. We purposefully limited instrumentation on this acoustic-driven collection of songs. We chose to do that partly to celebrate Tom’s live playing style, but also because the COVID pandemic hit right when we were about to resume work on tracking. Since we couldn’t really get together, we worked with what we had, and I think it turned out fantastic.

This Old World is an acoustic EP from Thomas Reed Smith, featuring a mix of original songs and covers.


Tom Smith: Acoustic guitar, keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Beam: Upright bass
Scott Martin: Acoustic guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals, upright bass

Recorded in Cleveland at Snoozeking Studios 2019-20.

Engineered, mixed and mastered (via Aria Mastering) by Scott Martin.

Design by Scott Martin / photos by Dan King & Scott Martin.

Songs published by Samuel Welshman Publishing (ASCAP), except cover songs licensed through Harry Fox/Easy Song Publishing.