Music by Scott Martin

Open Your Mouth (Foonspeeders)

The long-delayed follow up to Who Are the Foonspeeders. I was executive producer of the album, along with handling writing, performing, engineering and mixing.

Info Taken from the album page at Bandcamp

The second album from Foonspeeders.


Mike Adams: Bass, vocals
Maurice Adams: Guitar, vocals
Jim Evans: Drums
Mike Holloran: Percussion
Scott Martin: Guitars, keys, programming, vocals
Charley Newcomer: Drums

Recorded in Cleveland Ohio at Snoozeking Studios and Los Angeles, California at Crankylad

Mixed by Scott Martin at Snoozeking

Mastered by Chris Keffer

Design by Scott Martin / art by Scott Martin and Stephen Hrobak

Songs published by Snoozeking Music / Rubber Duckling Music / Crankylad Music (ASCAP)