Music by Scott Martin

Get Up (drunkdude69)

I was the executive producer of this album, along with writing, performing, engineering and mixing. Definitely had my hands full.

Info (from the album page at Bandcamp)

The fourth release from drunkdude69, combining all of our favorite ingredients: crunchy rock guitar, glassy Hammond organ, funky horns, tight vocal harmonies and some synthy sprinkles thrown in for flavor. We’ve even thrown in our take on the Tubes song “Gonna Get It Next Time”. Enjoy!


Mike Adams: Bass, vocals
Maurice Adams: Guitars
Jeff Beam: Bass
Jeff Endemann: Guitars
Jim Evans: Drums, percussion
Jay Goodman: Special sauce vocals
Joe “Coach” Hanna: Drums
Scott Haumesser: Drums
Scott Martin: Guitars, keyboards, horns, vocals
Kelly Wright: Vocals

Recorded in Cleveland at Snoozeking Studios, Ante Up Audio, 2011-12, with some older tracks recorded at The Ranch.

Engineered by DD69. Additional engineering by Gavin Murphy for the Ante Up sessions.

Mixed by Scott Martin.

Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Memphis TN

Design by Scott Martin.

Songs published by Snoozeking Music / Rubber Duckling Music (ASCAP).