Music by Scott Martin

Funk Out With Your Junk Out (drunkdude69)

I was co-producer of this album, along with writing, performing, engineering and mixing. I also did the design for the disc and packaging. This was the epic 10-year recording project that culminated in the first DD69 album…

Info (from the album page at Bandcamp)

DD69’s first record, Funk Out With Your Junk Out, is a rip through a well-stocked jukebox, with smooth funk that would have been at home on a turntable three decades ago mixing with a contemporary guitar-heavy party vibe that could have been recorded two weeks ago.


Mike Adams: Bass, vocals
Maurice Adams: Guitars
Jim Evans: Drums, percussion
Jay Goodman: Special sauce vocals
Joe “Coach” Hanna: Drums
Mike Holloran: Percussion
Scott Martin: Guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals
Jeff Nagel: Guitars

Produced by Scott Martin and Mike Adams
Recorded at Closer Look Studio, The Ranch, and Snoozeking Studios in Cleveland Ohio
Engineered at Closer Look by Mark Owen, and at The Ranch/Snoozeking by Mike and Scott
Mixed and mastered by drunkdude69 from 1998 through December 2007

Design by Scott Martin.

Songs published by Snoozeking Music / Rubber Duckling Music (ASCAP).