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Out with the old?

I’ve been trying to clean up the studio (you know, to make room for new gear, heh heh). In the process I’ve come across a couple boxes of unsold Foonspeeders and drunkdude69 CDs. Foonspeeders was a band that Mike, his brother Maury, our friend Scott Haumesser and I were in in the mid-to-late 1990s here […]

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Out On Your Own

After many years of on-and-off work, the Thomas Reed Smith Band’s album “Out On Your Own” is finished. As I type this, the mastered album is on its way here via the good old U.S. mail. This album is a follow-up to Tom’s first record “I Need A Change” which we released around 2000. Yep, […]

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I need a remix

Every once in a while I find something I thought was lost for good. It usually makes me feel overwhelmingly happy – like I proved to myself that whatever it was really did exist and wasn’t a figment of my imagination. Yesterday, while looking for audio tracks to a song I want to remix, I […]

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It’s been great to get back to working on some music with Tom Smith.  He’s motivated and excited about finishing the current set of songs, and that in itself is motivating to me. We got together to start mixing a couple weekends ago.  After years of mixing and trying out all kinds of different methods, […]

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Tracking Mania

What better time of year to be inside working on some music? While we on the north coast haven’t gotten hammered like Maryland and DC, we’ve gotten our usual dose of cold and snow.  Tom Smith has taken the opportunity to use this time to revisit the tracks for his second album tentatively titled “Out […]

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