Music by Scott Martin

Category: Songwriting

Judicious Stutter

I’ve been digging a new Izotope plug-in I got for Pro Tools called Stutter Edit. In the simplest terms, it lets you assemble a group of effects into what they call a “gesture”, and then you can play these gestures via MIDI. It’s almost something that you have to play around with to grok the […]

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Burned out, but better now

2012 was a busy year for making music here at Snoozeking. In addition to the annual production of a DD69 album (this year’s effort: Get Up), I spent a great deal of time working on the first new Foonspeeders album in over a decade. Despite the fact that there’s no serious deadline for these projects, […]

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In loving memory

I was very close with my maternal grandparents. They were a big part of inspiring and enabling my love of art and music, as briefly described here. My grandmother was an artist: a painter, penciler, seamstress, creative cook. I spent my summers with she and my grandfather, and she and I often went to the […]

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