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Thanks Mom

I was fortunate to grow up with a big extended family, but aside from that it was just Mom and I day to day. She put up with my frequent noise making, my synths and other random instruments wired up all over the place, and my general inability to hear anything because I was always […]

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Mayday is Foray day

SM and Ray

Oh man, it has been a long time coming. But today is finally the day that I can call my album Foray finished. I’ve got CDs in hand (and online at CD Baby). Songs are online at Bandcamp. It’s almost unbelievable given the genesis of the songs and the time spent working (or not working) […]

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In loving memory

I was very close with my maternal grandparents. They were a big part of inspiring and enabling my love of art and music, as briefly described here. My grandmother was an artist: a painter, penciler, seamstress, creative cook. I spent my summers with she and my grandfather, and she and I often went to the […]

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