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I just got a copy of BFD2, which is a virtual drum instrument.  I’m using it as a plug-in in Pro Tools, mainly to demo out drums and get a decent idea of how a song could sound. I’ve got some songs that are written with very specific drum parts in mind – the kind […]

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CALIbrAt: An ADAT odyssey (part 2)

When I last wrote about transferring some audio from old ADAT tapes to Pro Tools, I had gone through an unexpected amount of hassle.  Instead of putting a tape into the ADAT machine and pressing play, I had to go through extensive, tape-destroying calibration along with disassembly and cleaning of the machine. I spent the […]

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Virtual drum decisions

When it comes to recording songs, I prefer to set up a session with a real live drummer.  I’ve been very fortunate in the past to work with professionals like Jim Evans in Nashville, Coach Hanna in New York, and Charley Newcomer here in Cleveland to name a few.  And as I continue on my […]

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Old funk is good funk

  I came across this remix of the Jackson 5 song “I Want You Back” some time ago.  Every so often (as I’m trying to find some funky flavor for something I’m working on) I like to go back and check it out. I like this remix because it takes the original tracks and exposes […]

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All GeekDesk-ed out

Late last year I invested in a GeekDesk.  The main reason I got it was to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting down during the day.  Writing code and working on music both involve a lot of time spent in a seated position, and although I have a great desk chair, I still […]

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Tracking Mania

What better time of year to be inside working on some music? While we on the north coast haven’t gotten hammered like Maryland and DC, we’ve gotten our usual dose of cold and snow.  Tom Smith has taken the opportunity to use this time to revisit the tracks for his second album tentatively titled “Out […]

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