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Does This Hold Up?

Via a friend on Twitter I found out that the guys over at Does This Hold Up? were looking for a theme song for their podcast. I got in touch, and they explained that they do an entertaining look at old movies, with guest comedians joining regular hosts Jamie and TJ. It sounded like fun, […]

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Judicious Stutter

I’ve been digging a new Izotope plug-in I got for Pro Tools called Stutter Edit. In the simplest terms, it lets you assemble a group of effects into what they call a “gesture”, and then you can play these gestures via MIDI. It’s almost something that you have to play around with to grok the […]

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Out On Your Own

After many years of on-and-off work, the Thomas Reed Smith Band’s album “Out On Your Own” is finished. As I type this, the mastered album is on its way here via the good old U.S. mail. This album is a follow-up to Tom’s first record “I Need A Change” which we released around 2000. Yep, […]

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