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Simple Ordinary – Zach Angeloni

Zach Angeloni - Simple Ordinary

I had the pleasure of recording some demos of songs that would wind up on this wonderful EP. In fact, Zach soldiered through recording while there was a bit of a party going on upstairs, but we somehow managed to work around that and get some basic tracks together. Zach’s EP takes his engaging story-songs […]

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Music Monday: ORK – I’m Afraid of Americans

My friend Josh shared this tune with me recently. It’s a cover of David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans” with lyrics subtly updated for today. What’s really cool is that if you go to their Bandcamp page, you can buy a collection of tracks that includes the song in both English and Spanish, as well […]

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Music Monday: Kung Fu

Lately I’m listening to the funky fusion stylings of Kung Fu from New Haven, Connecticut. They have been in heavy rotation on the drive to recent gigs, and while it’s good driving music it has demanded a little more attention when I’m not on the road. The album I’ve been listening to in particular is their […]

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Music Monday: Stick Figure

In a recent email from Cleveland’s excellent music venue the Beachland Ballroom, I came across a listing for a group called Stick Figure. After initially mistaking it for a continuation of the band that included Jack McDowell when he was with the Cleveland Indians in the late 1990s, I discovered that it was something completely different. […]

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Tracking keys for the Mike Farley Band album

Over the last week I’ve been tracking keyboards for the upcoming Mike Farley Band album. I was very excited to get a call from my former Skinny Moo compadre Jeff Nagel, who is coordinating most of the tracking and studio sessions, asking me to perform on the whole album. I’m honored! As mentioned here earlier, […]

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Engineering for the new Mike Farley Band album

I’ve been fortunate to become involved with a new album from my friends in the Mike Farley Band. If you were into the music scene in Cleveland in the late ’90s/early 2000s, you remember the band and their amazing live performances, and their album “Halfaworldaway”. The guys in the band are creating a new record despite […]

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Does This Hold Up?

Via a friend on Twitter I found out that the guys over at Does This Hold Up? were looking for a theme song for their podcast. I got in touch, and they explained that they do an entertaining look at old movies, with guest comedians joining regular hosts Jamie and TJ. It sounded like fun, […]

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