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Parker guitar dating

Parker in Spaaace

I found a cool bit of information about Parker Guitars while I was trying to identify the one I have. I got my Parker in the late 90s at Sodja Music in Cleveland (purchased from the inimitable Jeff Nagel). It wasn’t like most Parker guitars I had seen at the time. The one I got […]

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Recording a behemoth

Upright bass recording

At the latest studio night, Jeff brought over his upright bass so we could try out some tracking with it. It’s the first time I’ve recorded one of these, and I can tell it’s going to be fun working with it from both the recording side and the mixing side. He’s got a gooseneck microphone […]

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The CP-70 sound

Arturia Glass Piano

I’ve been working on a song the last few days which, unexpectedly, took a turn from a straight-up rock guitar song to something more atmospheric. After cutting the tempo in half and laying down a Moog bass sound and a very glassy pad, I decided I wanted to go full Peter Gabriel on it and […]

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Drum Machine Patterns

Drum machine sticker

While working on some tracking for a new song, I ran across this site: Drum Machine Pattern Although some of the drummers I know are not really enamored of drum machines, I like them.¬† One of my first pieces of Pro Gear was an Alesis HR-16 drum machine, and I used it so much that […]

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Synful Strings

Recently I had tracked some keyboards using a Nord string patch with some modifications. The results were cool, but not entirely what I wanted to hear. So I went looking for a virtual string section. ¬†There are a number of those out there (Philharmonik, East West, Motu Symphonic Instrument …) which use samples and articulations. […]

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