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Parker guitar dating

Parker in Spaaace

I found a cool bit of information about Parker Guitars while I was trying to identify the one I have. I got my Parker in the late 90s at Sodja Music in Cleveland (purchased from the inimitable Jeff Nagel). It wasn’t like most Parker guitars I had seen at the time. The one I got […]

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History of the AKG C414

AKG C414 - Image via Sweetwater InSync

My friend Maurice pointed me at this interesting article about the history of the AKG C414 microphone. The story (published on April 14th, get it?) traces the development of the 414 from it’s first “forefathers” in the 1950s through today. Check it out here!

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Happy New Year – speaker calibration edition

new monitor position

Man, time seems to fly by these days. It’s hard to believe another year is upon us. I started off 2016 with our traditional New Year’s Day festivities, including pork and sauerkraut, visits from good friends, and some musical activity. I’ve been struggling with properly mixing the low-end in songs, and certainly a part of […]

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Klipsch GMX-A speaker repair

I’ve got two sets of speakers here in my lair: JBL LSR4326P powered monitors with a subwoofer, which are set up as the monitors for my Pro Tools system, and a set of Klipsch GMX-A speakers which plays audio output from my Mac desktop (iTunes, YouTube, and so on). Recently I was relocating some wiring while cleaning the […]

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Footswitch fix

I just fixed an issue associated with a new footswitch, which is a Roland FS-1 I’m connecting to the Nord Stage 2 Latch/Rotor input to switch between slow and fast rotary speaker settings. For about a year I’d been using an extra sustain pedal to switch the rotor speed. Depress the pedal and (most of the time) […]

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Judicious Stutter

I’ve been digging a new Izotope plug-in I got for Pro Tools called Stutter Edit. In the simplest terms, it lets you assemble a group of effects into what they call a “gesture”, and then you can play these gestures via MIDI. It’s almost something that you have to play around with to grok the […]

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Furman goes BOOM! And then… Silence.

I have owned a Furman AR-1215 voltage regulator for a couple years. I use it to power my live keyboard rig and in-ear monitors. If you’re not familiar, a voltage regulator checks incoming power voltage and compensates if it is higher or lower than the 120V standard. This is important for modern (and costly) keyboards […]

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As long as I gets a little “golden power”

Apologies to Frank Zappa for the title of the post, but I couldn’t resist. I got a new garage door opener a couple weeks ago, and it came with a 9-volt battery. I appreciate it when the batteries are included, but in this case I had to chuckle. Yes, it was a strange and wonderful […]

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CALIbrAt: An ADAT odyssey (part 2)

When I last wrote about transferring some audio from old ADAT tapes to Pro Tools, I had gone through an unexpected amount of hassle.  Instead of putting a tape into the ADAT machine and pressing play, I had to go through extensive, tape-destroying calibration along with disassembly and cleaning of the machine. I spent the […]

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CALIbrAt: An ADAT odyssey (part 1)

I still have a few Alesis ADAT recorders lying around.  In the mid-1990s we used these things relentlessly to record demos, album tracks, jams, and other random noises which shall go undescribed. As a result of that use, I have a number of demos of old songs still on ADAT tapes.  Since I’ve recently lit […]

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