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Burned out, but better now

2012 was a busy year for making music here at Snoozeking. In addition to the annual production of a DD69 album (this year’s effort: Get Up), I spent a great deal of time working on the first new Foonspeeders album in over a decade. Despite the fact that there’s no serious deadline for these projects, […]

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Open Your Mouth

It’s been a long time. A very long time. Mike, Maury and I have been working on and off over the years to put together a new collection of Foonspeeders songs. It’s been a part-time thing that has involved collaboration from Cleveland to California, slowly getting the pieces and parts together. Last year after the […]

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Foonspeeders music is online at Bandcamp

Foonspeeders have made their late-90s debut album “Who Are the Foonspeeders” available at Bandcamp. We’ve added most of the lyrics, and some tidbits about each song. If you were familiar with the initial release of the album, you’ll also note updated cover art – back in the dark ages when the album was released, we didn’t […]

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