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I can hear clearly now, the pillow is gone

I’ve had Alesis Monitor One monitors for about 12 years.  When I got them, I really hadn’t done any research or checked out many other speakers.  I just needed some prosumer monitors, and the price was right. They served pretty well.  I got used to the way they sounded; after taking mixes from the studio […]

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All GeekDesk-ed out

Late last year I invested in a GeekDesk.  The main reason I got it was to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting down during the day.  Writing code and working on music both involve a lot of time spent in a seated position, and although I have a great desk chair, I still […]

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It’s been great to get back to working on some music with Tom Smith.  He’s motivated and excited about finishing the current set of songs, and that in itself is motivating to me. We got together to start mixing a couple weekends ago.  After years of mixing and trying out all kinds of different methods, […]

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Tracking Mania

What better time of year to be inside working on some music? While we on the north coast haven’t gotten hammered like Maryland and DC, we’ve gotten our usual dose of cold and snow.  Tom Smith has taken the opportunity to use this time to revisit the tracks for his second album tentatively titled “Out […]

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