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A powerful sentiment

This is from a great comment I found while checking out an article on the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog. It’s from a user who goes by BoboSwenson, and it resonates with my feelings about making music in a strong way (emphasis is mine): “… I work at a great music and arts academy and the most important […]

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Footswitch fix

I just fixed an issue associated with a new footswitch, which is a Roland FS-1 I’m connecting to the Nord Stage 2 Latch/Rotor input to switch between slow and fast rotary speaker settings. For about a year I’d been using an extra sustain pedal to switch the rotor speed. Depress the pedal and (most of the time) […]

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Does This Hold Up?

Via a friend on Twitter I found out that the guys over at Does This Hold Up? were looking for a theme song for their podcast. I got in touch, and they explained that they do an entertaining look at old movies, with guest comedians joining regular hosts Jamie and TJ. It sounded like fun, […]

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Judicious Stutter

I’ve been digging a new Izotope plug-in I got for Pro Tools called Stutter Edit. In the simplest terms, it lets you assemble a group of effects into what they call a “gesture”, and then you can play these gestures via MIDI. It’s almost something that you have to play around with to grok the […]

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8/28/2014: Slightly Stoopid / Zach Deputy

If you’ve checked out any DD69 music, you’ll know that I loves me some ska, rock, and funk music. So it’s not a surprise that I wanted to go check out Slightly Stoopid at the House of Blues. They were originally scheduled to be here back in March, but had to cancel. I kept an […]

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1/24/2014: Huey Lewis and the News

Continuing my efforts to see more live music in 2014, I had the opportunity to see Huey Lewis and the News a little while ago. There are undoubtedly plenty of reviews out there, so I’ll let them handle the gory details. This is just my remembrance of the night. I’ve been a fan of Huey […]

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