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Music Monday: Stick Figure

In a recent email from Cleveland’s excellent music venue the Beachland Ballroom, I came across a listing for a group called Stick Figure. After initially mistaking it for a continuation of the band that included Jack McDowell when he was with the Cleveland Indians in the late 1990s, I discovered that it was something completely different. […]

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Happy New Year – speaker calibration edition

new monitor position

Man, time seems to fly by these days. It’s hard to believe another year is upon us. I started off 2016 with our traditional New Year’s Day festivities, including pork and sauerkraut, visits from good friends, and some musical activity. I’ve been struggling with properly mixing the low-end in songs, and certainly a part of […]

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What takes so long?

The Clock is ticking

Three years went by between releases from my musical collaboration known as drunkdude69 (2012’s “Get Up“, followed by 2015’s “The Pint of No Return“). The intention with DD69 had been to release an album every year on June 9th, and initially it seemed like we were on track to continue on that schedule in the months after […]

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Synful Strings

Recently I had tracked some keyboards using a Nord string patch with some modifications. The results were cool, but not entirely what I wanted to hear. So I went looking for a virtual string section.  There are a number of those out there (Philharmonik, East West, Motu Symphonic Instrument …) which use samples and articulations. […]

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Tracking keys for the Mike Farley Band album

Over the last week I’ve been tracking keyboards for the upcoming Mike Farley Band album. I was very excited to get a call from my former Skinny Moo compadre Jeff Nagel, who is coordinating most of the tracking and studio sessions, asking me to perform on the whole album. I’m honored! As mentioned here earlier, […]

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Engineering for the new Mike Farley Band album

I’ve been fortunate to become involved with a new album from my friends in the Mike Farley Band. If you were into the music scene in Cleveland in the late ’90s/early 2000s, you remember the band and their amazing live performances, and their album “Halfaworldaway”. The guys in the band are creating a new record despite […]

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Klipsch GMX-A speaker repair

I’ve got two sets of speakers here in my lair: JBL LSR4326P powered monitors with a subwoofer, which are set up as the monitors for my Pro Tools system, and a set of Klipsch GMX-A speakers which plays audio output from my Mac desktop (iTunes, YouTube, and so on). Recently I was relocating some wiring while cleaning the […]

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