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That's a lot of little windows...

I just got a copy of BFD2, which is a virtual drum instrument.  I’m using it as a plug-in in Pro Tools, mainly to demo out drums and get a decent idea of how a song could sound.

I’ve got some songs that are written with very specific drum parts in mind – the kind of thing where I want all of the rhythm instruments to be locked together.  At a recent studio night, my friend and drunkdude69 collaborator Mike suggested that for those songs we just use the BFD2 drums as the permanent tracks rather than doing a session with a live drummer and “making the drummer play like a drum machine”.

He’s definitely got a point.  I think in those cases it makes sense (financially and production-wise) to get exactly what I’m after without putting my drumming friends through an irritating studio session.

Now I just have to learn how to use BFD2. Lots of parameters and control, which is awesome, but which also translates to a steep learning curve.