Music by Scott Martin

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Biography In 1999 Scott Martin and Mike Adams started drunkdude69 with the goal of combining their interests in different musical styles (rock, reggae, ska, punk and funk) into a balanced and nutritious audio cocktail. Musical collaborators from an early age, Martin and Adams had previously written and performed in and around northeast Ohio.  DD69 represents […]

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Skinny Moo

Skinny Moo LIVE

Biography AFTER 20 YEARS OF ROCKING CLEVELAND, SKINNY MOO SHOWS NO SIGNS OF SLOWING DOWN. Skinny Moo began as a blues band in 1999, evolving quickly into “an original cover band”: unhindered by musical eras or styles, they are a band that take every song they perform and make it their own. After two decades, […]

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Thomas Reed Smith

Biography “My songs are stories,” says Thomas Reed Smith. “Stories about people I know or have heard about.” Since 1996, he has been soaking up inspiration from the north shore of Ohio, an area populated by hard-working, hard drinking midwesterners that stubbornly ply their trades amidst the industrial buildings and bridges that lace the suburbs […]

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Other Artists

Other Artists   Scott has performed and recorded with a wide variety of Cleveland-based artists, both as a live performer and as a studio musician. The list includes: Alexis Antes Robin Stone The Tony Land Band Brent Kirby and One Way Home Jeff Nagel Will Bowen David Johnson The Mike Farley Band Ray Fogg …and […]

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