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A powerful sentiment

This is from a great comment I found while checking out an article on the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog. It’s from a user who goes by BoboSwenson, and it resonates with my feelings about making music in a strong way (emphasis is mine):


I work at a great music and arts academy and the most important thing that I can impress on my students is to do music because you love it. Because in the end your passion for the miracle of making music is the only thing that will sustain you, no matter how it turns out.

Even if it ends up being a glorified hobby, it will still represent something beautiful and meaningful to you. I’ve known too many super talented musicians who spent desperate years chasing the carrot until they lost the spirit of what inspired them to be musicians in the first place.

And that’s a loss that’s far more tragic than any ‘big break’ that didn’t happen.

You can read the whole article here.